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When students selected Boy in the Sailor Suit, they did a Cubistic self-portrait and dressed their image in a similarly patterned sailor suit.
Donald wooed longtime sweetheart Daisy despite his short fuse, unintelligible speech and odd apparel - a sailor suit with no pants.
This is how Mann pictures Johnny in his Sunday finery: "He was far and away the best-dressed boy in town, distinctly aristocratic and elegant in his real English sailor suit with the linen collar, sailor's knot, laces, a silver whistle in his pocket and an anchor on the sleeves that narrowed round his wrists.
Small consolation--the friend at his side in the sailor suit was an equal victim of the CTEA (Copyright Term Extension Act).
A photograph taken six years later of David Leung, an Asian boy beaming in his sailor suit, is totally unaffected.
In the 1960s, a boy who looked about seven years of age came into the Blackburne Arms on Catherine Street one rainy October afternoon, and the drinkers saw that he not only wore an old-fashioned child's sailor suit of the type worn by children in Victorian and Edwardian times, his eyes had no white or colour to them because the eyeballs were jet black.
And for all the splendour of St Petersburg and magnificence of Moscow, seeing Matros in his sailor suit was one of THE trip highlights for Irish people.
But then, the city where we stepped ashore became an even greater reminder of that on the morning of August 9, 1945, when the 240,000 citizens woke to a warm but overcast day and were glad when the clouds parted at 11am to reveal just enough blue sky to make a sailor suit.
If dog owners are looking for a cute costume for their dog this year's Halloween, Swanky Critter offers a cute and very warm bumble bee dog costume and also a dog sailor suit.
Prince William was one of their pageboys, in sailor suit and straw boater.
She had made her own costume, a sort of sailor suit with a florid hat.
Then this week he was in the whole sailor suit and marching.
Inside we are treated to images of him in a sailor suit (one with his hat held up with his crotch), with a drill on his lap, and--the best--sucking water out of a hose.
Wearing a sailor suit, the brunette weirdo told student Victor Ebuwa she spent a year as a prostitute at a brothel in Forest Gate, east London, in 1996.
In pursuit of this objective, he inexplicably winds up in a fantasy sequence wearing a sailor suit at some Chinatown nightclub.