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Pickett, of the Alaska Commercial Company, notes that they partner with Interbake for an annual literacy campaign during which Alaska Commercial donates a portion of all Sailor Boy Pilot Bread sales, which goes to buy books for Alaska youth.
SOUVENIRS: A gift shop aboard the Empress of France; a cigarette card of the Queen Mary with Nelson's Column (left); a Norah Wellings sailor boy doll, a souvenir from the liner Lancastria (far left)
Classics tunes such as Sunny Sailor Boy, The City Of Chicago and You have gained Luka a massive following.
Sailor boy P Diddy should avoid the glamorous Les Caves du Roy nightclub in St Tropez.
There are two prints, Seashore Stripe and Pocketful of Posies, and two wovens, Sailor Boy Madras and Penelope Pique.
A sailor boy doll dressed in bell-bottomed trousers wears a cap carrying the name Lancastria.
Last week Iain was compared to a Sailor Boy so he's had a rough few weeks.
He had a tattoo on his arm and he was being called a big Sailor Boy but he took it in good spirits.
Katie, a nice enough girl, seemed to be getting along fine with the wannabe sailor boy, but at the end of the seven days trial she walked the plank and along came Emily.
High drama at Lingfield, where Roger and Mark Hoad are accused of shenanigans after Carfax wins the two-miles-six hurdle from Sailor Boy (Reg Akehurst/Glen Heaver, 7lb).
HAVING splashed out pounds 250,000 on a Mediterranean cruise, sailor boy P.
I'M glad sailor boy Sergei seems to be on his way after a brief fling with Audrey Roberts in Coronation Street (ITV).
Gone are the swans and sleeping princesses, and instead we have the beautifully tragic tale of the geisha girl and her American sailor boy.
Luka Blooms and all the songs from the album Turf, particularly Sonny Sailor Boy.
Her majesty is now down to her last pounds 250million,more than 100 places below 37-year-oldJK in the annual Rich List,and must be wondering if her fortunes would be healthier if only she'dcreated Harry the schoolboy wizard instead of Charlie the tree-hugger,Andy the sailor boy and Eddie the unsteady.