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With our large sails and the healthy breeze romping up the Carquinez Straits, we found that our sailing was what is called "ticklish.
I guess it was the disappointment written on my face that made him desist; for I, also, had a pride in my boat- sailing abilities, and I was almost wild to get out alone with the big sail and go tearing down the Carquinez Straits in the wake of the flying Greek.
They stood on the jetty and gazed across to where the sailing boats were anchored.
It's a poor job, sailing a pleasure boat," he muttered.
For a time the business of sailing kept them both occupied.
It's a queer day for pleasure sailing," Nicholas remarked to Job Rowsell, as he came up the wet steps of the pier.
Instead, and along with the rest, they were scattered on board sailing ships bound for the four quarters of the globe, where they had been placed by the boarding-house masters, and where they were working out advance money which they had neither seen nor spent.
His contention is that racing, without time allowances for anything else but tonnage - that is, for size - has fostered the fine art of sailing to the pitch of perfection.
Here, Olympic silver medallist Olivia Price outlines the sailing experiences that will set aspiring sailors up for enjoyment, long-term participation, and success in the sport.
by Times News Service Oman Sail are looking to introduce more children to the sea and the fun of sailing.
DRAYCOTE Water Sailing Club is holding an open day to encourage potential sailors of all ages to come out on the water and have a go at sailing or windsurfing.
An all–female sailing company has announced a Scottish yachting week for 2015.
Summary: Oman Sail is playing the twin role of rekindling the Sultanate's sailing legacy and promoting it as a tourism destination.
com)-- "Tortola Sailing School has the best location in the British Virgin Islands.
The first ever Oman Sail beach sailing event supported by Omantel and Oman Shipping Company debuts in Sur this weekend bringing an opportunity for all members of the local and expat community to try out sailing, water sports and fun family oriented shore side activities.