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With our large sails and the healthy breeze romping up the Carquinez Straits, we found that our sailing was what is called "ticklish." We had to be constantly on the alert to avoid a capsize, and while Charley steered I held the main-sheet in my hand with but a single turn round a pin, ready to let go at any moment.
I guess it was the disappointment written on my face that made him desist; for I, also, had a pride in my boat- sailing abilities, and I was almost wild to get out alone with the big sail and go tearing down the Carquinez Straits in the wake of the flying Greek.
There's none of us knows how, and it ain't our business, but he spends most of his time in the public-house and he seems to have taken a fancy for night sailing alone, which to my mind, and there are others of us as say the same, ain't none too healthy an occupation.
"I want you to take me out sailing. Is your boat ready?"
They stood on the jetty and gazed across to where the sailing boats were anchored.
"It's a poor job, sailing a pleasure boat," he muttered.
"It's a queer day for pleasure sailing," Nicholas remarked to Job Rowsell, as he came up the wet steps of the pier.
For a time the business of sailing kept them both occupied.
There we stood at the long bar--the sailing master, the mate, the six hunters, the six boat-steerers, and the five boat-pullers.
Instead, and along with the rest, they were scattered on board sailing ships bound for the four quarters of the globe, where they had been placed by the boarding-house masters, and where they were working out advance money which they had neither seen nor spent.
To a man who had but little to do with pleasure sailing (though all sailing is a pleasure), and certainly nothing whatever with racing in open waters, the writer's strictures upon the handicapping of yachts were just intelligible and no more.
And, as the writer of the article which started this train of thought says with lovable warmth, the sailing of yachts is a fine art.
M2 PRESSWIRE-September 5, 2019-: Marco Bitran sails with the Griffin in the Boston Sailing competition
But OOCL said it was dropping a sailing of the 17,700-TEU CMA CGM Bougainville that was scheduled to depart Fuqing, China on October 6 and arrive in Los Angeles on October 26.
For Block Island Race Week 2019 SAIL LAST also had four crew that had never been sailing, let alone racing in a major event.