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a strong fabric (such as cotton canvas) used for making sails and tents

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I went to Taranto to buy rope and it was wrapped in sailcloth, and Christo signed it with my wife's lipstick,' he explains.
The pictures are usually embroidered on sailcloth, or some other coarse material, stretched over a frame knocked together from any available wood.
Wooden boats (upcycled from leftover offcuts) decorate the end wall, sailcloth awnings shade the balcony and there's an abundance of softly whitewashed wood.
Two shops in particular neatly divide their target demo: the atticlike Perish Trust, whose wares (a mix of sailcloth tote bags with bridle-rein handles, and Frankensteined light fixtures) evoke the quirky gloom of The Royal Tenenbaums, and the new Rare Device, whose bright, modern aesthetic (candy-color garden trowels and carve-your-own-rubber-stamp kits) skews a bit more Zooey Deschanel.
The Packhorse Bridge, at Stokesley, over the River Leven was built so that mules could carry cloth in their panniers from the sailcloth and linen producing watermills to market and export all over the world.
At the show, the new Dockside Retreat Sectional was shown in a golden sand tone known as Sailcloth Shore, a 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic fabric, with coordinating accent pillows in an ivory-hued Sailcloth Salt and Sailcloth Seagull, and an alternating stripe of ivory, gray and golden sand.
Due to an innovative 3-roll arrangement with two separately controlled system rolls, the teXcal trike calender provides outstanding productivity and flexibility in the manufacture of sophisticated technical textiles, such as sailcloth, parachute silk, breathable outdoor clothing, sunscreens, filter materials, or protective clothing.
Fields of application include sailcloth, woven monofilament/multifilament fabrics, filters and parachute silk.
Sail away in style with nautical tote and duffel handcrafted in the USA from recycled sailcloth
Still bound in its sailcloth covering, the journal, written in a bold, florid hand, relates in a chatty and informative prose on 80 sides of folded laid paper, how Griffiths boarded the 1,351-ton Indian Empire and was billeted in a small house on deck, a little forward of amidships .
Abstract: Objective description and evaluation of sails is a complex and demanding task, especially nowadays when a great number of fibres and sailcloth constructions are present on the market.
Thus, his history is primarily about the development of organizational capabilities for managing external resources such as manpower, social authority, food, timber, metals, sailcloth, hemp, etc.
Chumi, Susi, Magwara and Farjeli then tenderly wrapped it in bark, bound it with sailcloth and sealed it with tar.
In one corner, HDI created a dramatic circular outboard motor display with a 13 foot high internally lit sailcloth cone simulating waves that are clearly visible from pedestrian & vehicular traffic points outside the showroom.
97 Sun cotton sailcloth blazer by Michael Kors, $1295 Bergdorf Goodman, 888-774-2424).