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goat-like antelope of central Eurasia having a stubby nose like a proboscis

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The results, published in the study "On the Possibility to Identify the Saiga Antelope (Saiga tatarica) on Very-High Resolution Satellite Images," can be found in the journal Doklady Biological Sciences.
use of excessive force in detaining the Saiga without invoking a
Earlier it was reported that the number of dead saiga neared 90,000 saiga in Akmola, Aktobe and Kostanay regions.
pdf (accepting the M/V Saiga decision holding that force may be used, provided that it is unavoidable, reasonable, and necessary).
Police also found a Saiga 12-gauge shotgun and two magazines loaded with a total of 70 rounds inside his car at the school, and a Glock handgun he'd used to kill himself.
AK, AK47, AK47S, AK674, AKM, AKS, ARM, MAK90, MISR, NHM90, NHM91, Rock River Arms LAR647, SA85, SA93, Vector Arms AK647, VEPR, WASR610, and WUM, IZHMASH Saiga AK, MAADI AK47 and ARM, Norinco 56S, 56S2, 84S, and 86S, Poly Technologies AK47 and AKS;
Advanced Technology international (ATI), introduces the Saiga Strikeforce Elite Package with Scorpion Recoil System.
Other cold, steppe-adapted animals also lived there--woolly rhino, caribou, woolly horse, steppe bison, saiga antelope; and predators--lions, wolves, cheetahs, hyenas, bears.
We also found traces from trade-restricted animals that are classified as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered, including the Asiatic black bear and Saiga antelope.
Saiga rifles and shotguns will be imported by USSG for EAA in 2012.
Several new weapons like the Pasic weapon SAIGA 12 and the Secondary weapon Makarov and their ammo are introduced.
7,879,017 B1; Kenichi Tabata, Hiroshi Ono, Haruhiko Nasa, Kazunori Ito, Kazumichi Ogawa and Hideki Saiga, assignors to Daio Paper Corporation, Ehime, Japan and Daio Paper Converting Co.
Some of the new companies that had joined the free zone in 2009 included multinational giants and leading international players such as the US-based Halliburton, DQE International, a subsidiary of CNPC, China's largest petroleum technology service enterprise; Saiga, AMES (a 50/50 joint venture company created by Air France Industries KLM Engineering and Maintenance and Aircelle, Safran Group), and Michelin from France.