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dwarf palmlike cycad of Japan that yields sago

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Sago palm is commonly found in tropical lowland forests and freshwater swamps.
Sago palm pith was a good source of ruminal degradable starch in replacing corn grain and has the potential to improve beef cattle performance.
The whole trunk of the sago palm is cut and transported to the factory, where the sago starch is extracted.
apt combination and application of resources) within the sago palm industry calls for concerted efforts to promote sago, of which biodiplomacy is not only a vehicle for strategically managing sago resources but is critically important.
Coastal and near-coastal peoples who derive their livelihood from the sea and depend on flour from the sago palm for thestarch in their diet while the highlanders' economy is dominated by pigs and sweet potatoes.
Venture firm to build sago palm bioethanol plant in Malaysia
Ishizaki said sago palm trees are not widely used as a source of food and thus they will become a more reliable and efficient source of the biofuel.
The Bariai, however, survived the drought in relatively good shape as they had large stands of coconuts and an abundant supply of sago palm ripe for processing.
As I drifted off again, I reflected on the good fortune that had placed me in the middle of a sago palm swamp, 200 miles from a cold beer and weeks away from a hot tub.
To this day, these sites are a dense mass of vines with few sources of Penan food, such as sago palm, green vegetables, fruit, or game.
A Malaysian tuna ship on December 30 rescued a pregnant Indonesian who clung to a floating sago palm tree for five days in the Indian Ocean.
Within five months of moving in, the Chubins completely overhauled their yard - leaving the palms, of course - and adding a sago palm that they brought from their old house.
Hansen has seen florists use bold, unexpected objects like mother-in-law's tongue or sago palm leaves and draw from the flora of exotic locales like Africa and Hawaii for inspiration.
The leaves are used for thatching in the tropics where they are also known as the sago palm.
It is not sago palm (Metroxylon sagu) but rather the superficially similar cycad tree (Cycas circinalis) that has aroused suspicion.