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located in a plane that is parallel to the central plane of the sagittal suture

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Sagittally, the boundaries between the vertebrals are placed on the first, third and fifth neurals, and on the first suprapygal.
Typically, these muscular forces are generated by altering the mandibular position sagittally and vertically, resulting in orthodontic and orthopedic changes.
Brains were removed from the mice postmortem and sagittally sectioned; half of the brain was snap-frozen for biochemical analysis, and the other half was fixed in 10% formal saline for histologic analysis.
Then they were sectioned to a thickness of 56 m horizontally for the disc and sagittally for the joint.
UTHealth School of Dentistry wishes to purchase (not lease) plastinated human cadaver specimens including brains, half and whole heads and necks, isolated organs, thoracic and abdominal organs in natural relationship to each other, a torso with internal organs partially dissected, and heads sectioned horizontally, frontally and sagittally.
The animals were again anesthetized with sodium pentobarbital and the kidney was cut sagittally 15 min, 30 min, or 24 h after the injection.
Thus, the complex consisting of the CC, the CA, and the allatal nerves surrounds the sagittally located pharynx (Figure 2), which is typical for gryllids (Cazal 1948: Gande 1975).
Embedded samples were subsequently sectioned sagittally with a Rotary Microtome (Leitz 1516, Leica Microsystems, Bensheim, D-64625, Germany) at 5 [micro]m.
After fixation, they were cut sagittally into two halves, dehydrated in increasing concentrations of ethanol, butyl alcohol (two changes of 24 h), butyl-paraffin 50:50 (48 h), and finally embedded in paraffin.
For the histological analysis, the samples were fixed using Bouin's solution for 48 hours, dehydrated at increasing alcohol concentrations, cleared in xylene, paraffin-embedded and sectioned transversely and sagittally with a thickness of 7 [micro]m.
After decalcification, each eye was bisected sagittally with a razor.
They reported that when, without vision, participants repeatedly pressed a button that resulted in a probe simultaneously touching the contralateral limb at a sagittally displaced location (the axis which passes horizontally from front (distal) to rear (proximal)), they reported a much decreased sagittal separation of these two locations.
The carcasses were split sagittally, weighed and taken for cooling in a cold storage chamber (from 2 to 4[degrees]C) for 24 hours.