sagittal suture

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the suture uniting the two parietal bones

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They also found a tendency to larger values for measurements running away from the coronal and closer to the sagittal sutures, with the thickest points located simultaneously close to the lambdoid and sagittal sutures--7.
The coronal suture was studied in three parts on right and left side each; sagittal suture in four parts and lambdoid sutures in three parts each on right and left side.
But when the sagittal suture is closed, you don't see it because you come from the side; "you obtain axial planes and you never reach the sagittal suture.
5 cm lateral to sagittal suture and along the coronal sutures and lambdoid suture were achieved.
Finally, if the sagittal suture fuses prematurely, then the brain can't expand laterally, but only to the front and back of the skull, using the coronal and lambdoid sutures to compensate for restricted lateral growth.
For sagittal suture synostosis, wedge and barrel stave osteotomies were made bilaterally to allow for biparietal and bitemporal expansion.
These nerve tracts were then shown to be connecting the sagittal suture to the ventricular system of the brain.
In the ROP position, the sagittal suture line will be felt obliquely (from 1 o'clock to 7 c'clock), and it will be possible to feel the bregma (larger front fontanel) at the top and to the side of the pubic bone (by 1 o'clock).
32) Table II: Description of sutural bones studied Sutural bone Description Bregmatic Ossicle A bone present at the junction (BO)/Ossicle at of the Sagittal suture with the Bregma (OB) Coronal one Coronal Ossicle A bone present in the Coronal (CO) suture.