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located in a plane that is parallel to the central plane of the sagittal suture

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Manual localization can also be performed for a grid system utilizing the axial and sagittal imaging.
The proposed system enables to measure the angle between joints of lower limb in the sagittal plane.
3) As a result, alternative methods of BOZR measurement are more typically used, which rely on calculation of BOZR from the measurement of the chord sagittal height (S) using the following equation:
Cerebral angiography (Figure 1b) 2 days after admission revealed a partially occlusive thrombus within the middle third of the superior sagittal sinus.
Additionally, the focus on varus malreduction that is present in the orthopaedic literature has led in part, we believe, to neglect of sagittal plane deformity seen on the lateral view.
The hyperlordotic implants developed for the ALIF ACR procedure are the Company's latest innovative advancement in an effort to improve sagittal plane deformity correction.
But when the sagittal suture is closed, you don't see it because you come from the side; "you obtain axial planes and you never reach the sagittal suture.
Fast movements of the trunk in flexion and extension in the sagittal and frontal plane, and rotational movements around the long axis are very common in this sport.
6) Imaging requires routine localiser images, sagittal T1- and T2-weighted images of the cervical spine, and a series of head and axial spine images as performed for clinical indications.
Pathophysiological factors in CSM Mechanical Static Congenital canal stenosis Cervical disc prolapse Vertebral osteophyte formation Hypertrophic ossification of PLL Ligamentum flavum hypertrophy Facet/unconvertable hypertrophy Dynamic Repetitive movements Primarily in sagittal plane Poor cord elasticity Ischaemic Compression of larger arteries Decreased pia/medullary flow Venous congestion PLL - posterior longitudinal ligament.
Although there is some controversy regarding what constitutes ideal posture of the pelvis in the sagittal plane, it is generally considered to be a position of anterior tilt such that the sacral base angle measures approximately 30 degrees.
Situs Inversus partial is a congenital developmental anomaly wherein the abdominal organs are reversed or mirrored to the opposite side of the body through the sagittal plane.
B: Sagittal view showing tumour thrombus above the diaphragm.
The technique used was as follows: Using a General Electric LogiQ e ultrasound system with a 10-12 mHz linear array probe, the proximal border of the procedure area was defined by visualizing the radiolunate joint with the probe in the anatomical sagittal plane, and drawing a line on the volar forearm skin along the intersection of the anatomic axial plane at the radiolunate joint, with the skin (line PR, Figure 1).
As sagittal plane deformities appear to be most closely correlated to prognosis, we used the Sagittal Index (SI) to help assess the segmental kyphotic deformity at the level of the tuberculous infection (11).