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Synonyms for sagging

hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness)

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Tom Platt wanted to haul her an' ha' done wid ut; but I said, 'I'll back the doctor that has the second sight,' an' the other half come up sagging full o' big uns.
It looked exanimate enough, with its idle wheel looming above the black stream dashed with yellow-white spume, and its cluster of sheds sagging under their white load.
As he watched her, there rose quite unbidden before him a vision of Momaya, the skewer through the septum of her nose, her pendulous under lip sagging beneath the weight which dragged it down.
The sails hung motionless and slack, the very folds of their sagging surfaces moved no more than carved granite.
Sagging is a defect caused by gravity-driven flow on vertical surfaces.
Sagging also lets it bounce around and pull out its inserts.
LANCASTER - Quartz Hill High School reported the most girls baring midriffs, boys wearing forbidden ball caps or sagging pants, and other violations of a new dress code that took effect in September.
The ZMD top heater platen can be adjusted up and down to increase sheet-temperature accuracy, while the bottom heaters provide a fast temperature rise to support the sheet and achieve near-zero sagging, Horev says.
Line sag can also be a fire hazard, as was the case south of Denver, where a sagging power line touched off a wildfire on October 30, 2003 that caused thousands of residents to evacuate.
The isothermal sagging resistance of different grades of conventional and a high melt strength (HMS) PP has been correlated with the rheological characteristics of the polymers, such as dynamic shear properties, melt strength, and zero shear viscosity.