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Are sagebrush rebels prepared to risk the status quo by severing federal ties?
Gregg Cawley has been the principal student of the Sagebrush Rebellion since writing his dissertation on the movement under the direction of Phil Foss at Colorado State University.
Further, it transmits rotation at efficiency rates greater than 98 percent and runs quieter than several other mechanical transmission systems, according to Sagebrush Technology.
Sagebrush has three current Nevada projects: Red Rock, North Battle Mountain, and the newly acquired (August 31, 2011) Relief Canyon Gold Mine & Processing Facility.
Large and frequent fires often result in conversion of sagebrush to annual grasses like cheatgrass, and native habitats cannot recover naturally.
Officials testified at a Senate Committee on Natural Resources hearing on the "negative implications" that classifying the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard as endangered would have on the state's oil and gas industry.
The sagebrush communicated and cooperated with other branches of themselves to avoid being eaten by grasshoppers," Karban said.
As part of the sponsorship, Sagebrush will provide full sets of the 20 2004-2005 Bluebonnet nominees to 10 participating TLA member schools and one new TLA member school.
It's imperative that libraries have quality, consistent data in order to maximize access to their vast resources by students and educators," said Jim Zicarelli, president of Sagebrush Corp.
Conservationists have identified the sage grouse as an important indicator, umbrella, and flagship species for sagebrush ecosystems, and have developed a conservation strategy centered on the bird, including the preparation of petitions to list sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act.
They detected a volatile chemical wafting from wounded sagebrush and, perhaps in response, extra defensive chemicals in the tobacco, the researchers say in the current OECOLOGIA (vol.
For a relationship that began poorly, Tim Reynolds' romance with America's sagebrush country has endured exceedingly well.
VanDerBosch was most recently the CFO of Sagebrush Corporation, a privately held developer of library automation software and services, analytical software and book re-binder for the K-12 education market.
Today, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)the senior Republican in the United States Senatereleased the following statement after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke decided to cancel both the Bureau of Land Managements (BLM) Sagebrush Focal Area Withdrawal application and the Department of Interiors proposed withdrawal of 10 million acres of federal lands from mineral development.