sage hen

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large grouse of sagebrush regions of North America

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The charismatic sage grouse--also known as sage hen, sage cock, spine-tail grouse, "cock of the plains"--are also appreciated and respected by the public, conservationists, wildlife managers, and resource users, making them flagship species for the little-known, little-loved Sagebrush Sea.
When the salmon were caught and dried, families would drift off to hunt deer, sage hens and other birds.
10 of which allow hunting--Wyoming not only has the most sage hens, it has more public territory open to sage grouse hunting than anywhere else I could find.
As a hairy-chested, plain-speaking hunter who s aid, "I like to shoot a rifle and I like to kill," Hemingway gunned to death lions, rhinos, hippos, impalas, deer, mule, rabbits, antelopes, grizzly bears, pheasants, buffalos, porcupines, elks, owls, willow grouse, quails, pigeons, ducks, partridges, jacksnipe, blue herons, sage hens and, finally and fittingly, on July 2, 1961, in Ketchum, Idaho, himself.
Most are taken incidentally while the archer goes for big game, but there are a few basic methods that work for dove, quail, sage hens, mountain grouse and Hungarian partridges.
We had only an old six-shooter of the cap and ball style, and this we had emptied at a bunch of sage hens, and as we had not brought any ammunition, it was about as valuable as a knot-hole.
Quail and other birds, such as sage hens, walk in, sometimes silently, sometimes in excited conversation.