sage grouse

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large grouse of sagebrush regions of North America

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Zinkes actions undermine the conservation purpose of sage grouse plans that were locally developed with broad stakeholder input over a period of years, and put at risk the livelihoods of rural economies that rely on public lands.
By then the morning had warmed up, and most sage grouse would be found in the shade of the taller sage on the slopes above the stream.
As a young boy, he hunted sage grouse with a bow and arrow, and a piece of land he tried to buy as a young man didn't work out when a nonprofit filed a lawsuit to prevent building on the property.
The withdrawal will come with few measurable benefits for sage grouse, but the economic repercussions of removing 10 million acres from new mining claims will be potentially severe.
Feeding trials with insects in the diet of sage grouse chicks.
This isn't just about sage grouse or elk or deer or antelope," Kerr says.
Molecular analysis of genetic variation among large- and small-bodied sage grouse using mitochondrial control-region sequences.
The rate of sagebrush recovery is of particular concern due to the serious decline of sage grouse populations.
Says ''no'' to putting the greater sage grouse and three related birds on the endangered species list.
The ranch's 140,000-plus private and federal acres support abundant wildlife populations--including sage grouse and a premier trophy mule deer herd--and 1,250 head of cattle.
In 2010, NRCS harnessed the power to the Farm Bill to create the Sage Grouse Initiative, which--in just two years--has enrolled more than 450 ranchers, invested in excess of $100 million, and generated nearly $60 million in partner matches.
In July 2011, a report by Channel 8 News in Las Vegas shared these sobering numbers: 8,000 acres of wetlands will be lost; 191,000 acres of shrub land wildlife habitat will be threatened, along with more than 300 fragile springs and 193 miles of streams; 24,000 tons of dust per year will be kicked up in newly created deserts; and critical habitat for antelope, deer, elk, sage grouse, trout, and dozens of other species--many endangered--will be severely affected.
Whether on display or in action in the dance arbor, the flurry of sage grouse feathers captures your attention.
In 2009, non-governmental organizations took the federal Minister of the Environment to court because his department's recovery strategy for the Greater Sage Grouse, an endangered prairie bird, did not specify the bird's critical habitat.