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Synonyms for sag

Synonyms for sag

to hang limply, loosely, and carelessly

to become limp, as from loss of freshness

to decline, as in value or quantity, very gradually

an area sunk below its surroundings

Synonyms for sag

a shape that sags

droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness

cause to sag


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These observations demonstrate that PP should possess a high melt strength (of at least 20 cN measured at the conditions used in the test) and a high zero shear viscosity so that its rate of sag will match the low level of sagging experienced with ABS.
The effects need to be measured, the procedure consist on calculation of distance from surfaces generated by real sags, for each sag topology, on the variables current peaks and torque peaks obtained in simulations.
Voting took place last week during SAG caucuses held in San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, New York and Hollywood.
SAG and AFTRA reached a tentative deal last month with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers on the primetime-feature contract without notable improvements in residual rates.
While the historical boxing drama ``Cinderella Man'' was shut out of the ensemble category and Russell Crowe lost to Hoffman for best actor, his co-star Paul Giamatti won the SAG award for best supporting actor for his role as a boxing trainer.
SAG estimated in 2002 that 1,200 to 1,500 members regularly work abroad and that 60 features and 160 TV projects released domestically were being shot annually at foreign locations without SAG contracts.
Meanwhile, Felicity Huffman was anything but desperate, as the star of ``Desperate Housewives'' earned three SAG nods - the most of any actor - for her part in the hit ABC show and for her big-screen turn in ``Transamerica.
Director Jason Reitman has said in several interviews that the 22 laid-off workers who appear in "Up in the Air" are now SAG members--which probably isn't quite right, as it turns out.
Kichaven has been a SAG executive for five years, most recently as the national director of communications, which required her to serve as spokeswoman on various guild initiatives.
After a year of battles over the contract (which expired June 30), some board members' skirmishes with Allen and prexy Alan Rosenberg, strained relations with sister guild AFTRA and questions over a strike vote, many SAG members--including some high-profile stars--are exhausted.
This followed a message from former SAG First Vice President Mike Farrell blasting Rosenberg and members of the Hollywood board who supported the firing.
After four months of sniping at each other, SAG and the congloms will meet with a federal mediator Oct.
Despite deep divisions among SAG members, National Executive Director and CEO Greg Hessinger was sacked over the weekend at a stormy meeting.