safety valve

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a valve in a container in which pressure can build up (as a steam boiler)

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Leser GmbH was established in 1818 as a jobbing braziery and has grown to become a global leader in the safety valve market.
Some lawmakers backing the bill said the safety valve language runs counter to the intent of the legislation to eliminate judicial discretion and ensure long sentences for repeat violent criminals.
2] is formed in the safety valve or in the downstream line depends on the pressure drop at the outlet of the safety valve and in the downstream line.
This cart has a low-pressure regulator and a fixed 175 psi safety valve.
This study provided us with compelling data that has shown significant benefits of the pressure-activated safety valve and a PICC team placement environment," said Doug Burns, R.
And as I have become more comfortable with that, hardcore isn't just a safety valve but more of a direct expression.
A Birmingham inventor who created a life-saving fire safety valve after witnessing the tragic events of September 11 is about to see his design marketed worldwide by a city company.
The melanch olic political philosopher with his tortured English is confined to a stationary van, while the cheerfully fluent porn translator is filmed on a clanking commuter train; a hard-pressed doctor bemoaning his hospital's antiquated equipment gives way to a soldier extolling the virtues of regular target practice as a psychosocial safety valve.
Most Western leaders agreed to significantly pump up what had been truly parsimonious development and relief budgets with the aim of opening a wider safety valve on international terror.
The safety valve covers, at most, 50% of the additional expenses per line above the cost index beginning in year two for upgrading the lines.
The standard package includes a flame safety valve, pilots, sensors, solenoid valves, manual valves and digital temperature controls.
The amendment's supposed safety valve against religious harassment in schools is to make the children of minority religions leave their classrooms and stand in the hall until the prayers, services or what-have-you are over -- in effect branding them as outcasts in the name of their religious liberty.
Available since the end of last year, this new safety valve replaces traditional cartridge valves that require system pressure.
Instead of relying entirely on residential conversion, this could signal an alternate or additional avenue of recovery for the Downtown market - a commercial reclamation of some part of the market as a new safety valve.
provided in its Zani and Arlecchino the only permissible safety valve for both rulers and ruled" (21, 203, 209-16).
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