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a railing placed alongside a stairway or road for safety


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Made of high-grade stainless steel, the toilet safety rail is designed to withstand wet conditions which are normally prevalent in Indian bathrooms.
A marshal saw the car go off the road and hit a safety rail, which unfortunately penetrated the cockpit.
He said that while trying to climb the safety rail on the central reservation, his foot slipped and he fell back.
The rider appeared to bail off his horse, landing with one foot on the safety rail before somersaulting and falling to the ground on his side.
Additionally, the fabrication shop also accepts work from some of the company's larger industrial customers, making such things as safety rail systems.
We were doing safety training with some of the biggest builders," he recalls, "Pulte, Lennar, and Morrison--and with every one of them, safety rail requirements were their biggest complaint.
Since its advent in 1981, says Fontana, the Safety Rail has helped save an estimated 120 equine and human lives and avert numerous injuries.
It's also equipped with a noiseless safety rail and shooting rest.
Bryce MacDonald recalls being embarrassed as an eight-year old when his father stopped the car in the middle of the bridge, and with a multitude of horns honking, had him climb over the safety rail to see a plaque that held the family name.
A shipshape safety rail made of boat hardware edges one side of this small stairway in Playa del Rey, California.
Protect storage rack from forklift impacts with a new line of safety rail that incorporates balanced, energy-dissipating crash zones.
Bridgend council said: "The positioning of this safety rail obviously looks unusual, but it was to try to stop people from sitting on the bench, and walking in front of it too, as this is an area of the path that is particularly unstable and likely to collapse, causing further damage.
But the court was told the care home bosses have now implemented several measures including staff training on safety rails and the risks, a monthly bed safety rail audit and recruiting an extra member of staff for night duty.
The extra high front safety rail stretches 61cm/2ft above the top step for holding or leaning against.
When work dictates that personnel rest their weight against a safety railing, they first shall secure their safety harness to some rigid structure, other than the safety rail or its stanchions.
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