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a pin in the form of a clasp

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Piece of cotton fabric measuring 102 x 76cm (40 x 30in) 117cm (46in) cord for the drawstring Scraps of coloured fabric for the applique Spray fabric adhesive Large safety pin
At 48, Liz looks every At 48, Liz looks every WHEN it comes to red carpet dressing Liz Hurley wrote the book and 20 years after she made her name with THAT safety pin dress the model/actress returned to her favourite designer for a charity ball in New York this week.
In a shoot for fashion magazine Nylon, marketing editor Michelle Reneau said: "Emma didn't want to wear earrings - so at one point she took a safety pin, cut off the sharp end and put it through her ear.
Tie the threads together in a knot and put a safety pin through the knot.
London, July 2 (ANI): Model-turned-actress Milla Jovovich caused a stir after she stepped out in a daring dress similar to Elizabeth Hurley's 1994 black Versace gown, which was fastened together with large safety pins in 1994, at a fashion show.
A LETTINGS agent which charged a tenant for cleaning flies from a window ledge billed another for picking up a SAFETY PIN.
That's because it's easy to snag the back of your coveralls on the engine fire suppression system safety pin.
Safety Pin Bracelets" is a craft manual for girls to help them create 10 easy-to follow bracelet designs, complete with supplies of safety pins, beads, metallic elastic cord, bracelet designs, and customizable design grids "Safety Pin Bracelets" is created by a publisher whose mission statement is the following: "Create wonderful things.
The dress with unusual safety pin detailing around the bust was reminiscent of a rather iconic Versace gown worn by the fashion world's darling, Liz Hurley, back in 1994.
If you are putting a safety pin through somebody's tongue, they are obviously unconscious [and] unresponsive.
A safety pin and fly off lever from a grenade were recovered.
The bolt holding the drawbar in the hitch mechanism didn't have a safety pin attached (I hadn't checked it when I was looking over the other connections).
Since maintenance personnel were doing the turn instead of aircrew, when it came time to drop the tailhook, the plane captain hadn't removed the safety pin for the tailhook.
The NNA report said the unexploded grenade was found without a safety pin.
Don't forget to throw in a few of the ever-helpful safety pin and a coil of twine if you want.
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