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an oil lamp that will not ignite flammable gases (methane)

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Soon after the disaster in 1867, there was speculation as to what had caused the explosion, with rumours that a workman had tampered with safety lamps and that a cap had been found with a lamp key concealed in the lining.
As a result of this disaster, a local Reverend launched a campaign to find the design for a mining safety lamp.
1778: Sir Humphry Davy, chemist, discoverer or isolator of elements including sodium, potassium and barium and inventor of the miner's safety lamp, was born in Penzance.
We are the only firm left in Britain who are approved manufacturers of the glass for the Davy safety lamp.
HE SINGLE-HANDEDLY INVENTED the electric vehicle, electric boat with portable engine, electric airship, portable electric safety lamp, endoscope, electric rifle, electric 'light sabres', electric jewellery, luminous fountains--among 40 patents.
Coverage includes controversies surrounding the invention of the miner's safety lamp, the manufacture of the first airplanes, and the mapping of the human genome.
Sir Humphry Davy is usually remembered as the inventor of the miners' safety lamp.
Davy was perhaps most noted for his invention of a miner's safety lamp, preceding Edison's light bulb by 77 years.
Molex Incorporated announced today its Woodhead[R] Safety Lamp for high-bay fixtures, the electrical industry's first safety lamp to meet the requirements for an open rated fixture (Type-O), the new Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA2007), and the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR1040.
A safety lamp invented in 1815 and used in inflammable atmospheres was named after its inventor.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Material Code ITEM DESCRIPTION of Flame Safety Lamp Quantity (NOS) 01 E 45 WICK 09 02 E 35 GASKET 11 03 E 15A INNER GAUGE 21 04 E 10A OUTER GAUGE 20 05 E 69 TOOL BOX 02 06 E 34 GLASS SEAT 08 07 E 64 SNUFFER TUBE 13 08 E 20 GLASS CYLINDER 13 09 E 88 OIL FILLING CAN 02 10 E 37A OIL POT 11 11 87 REWICKING TOOL 03 12 KEY 03
Finally, to celebrate our North East heritage the Olympic flame should have been carried to Rio in an original pit safety lamp and then transferred by a succession of those blokes who sold 'three for a poond' gas lighters outside Eldon Square in the 80s.
IT was 200 years ago on Saturday that a colliery brakesman demonstrated his newly-invented miners' safety lamp to a gathering on Tyneside.
The stolen items include a ship's telegraph, a binnacle with compass, a ship's walker log, a bilge pump, a light starboard, a ship's two sleeved wooden block, a submarine safety lamp, a brass fishing float, an 8-inch gimbal ship's candle lamp, a 12-inch bronze cleat, a 14-inch four sided ship's lamp, two iron bellying pins and a wooden bottle with brass rings.