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the ratio of the breaking stress of a structure to the estimated maximum stress in ordinary use

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Fracture toughness is not considered in the analysis of low-alloy steel castings because high safety factors are used to ensure fatigue crack propagation is not an issue.
What everyone knew, he said, was backed statistically when testing in the gold mine revealed shotcrete used in conjunction with bolts and mesh in some cases doubled the local safety factor.
The number of reinforcements was determined by analyzing the stability of the embankment, while considering the safety factor and the resisting moment of the embankment.
The slope double reduction factors in the limit equilibrium state are the double safety factors.
The questionnaire was developed to obtain the association between safety factors and walking in the university campus based on the respondents' opinion.
known safety factors in design when there is a reasonable anticipation that uncontrolled factors can render the design .
Therefore, we seek to propose a method which will combine the best features of safety factor and probability methods, in order to provide fire safety engineers with a guide to selecting reasonable safety factors.
Therefore, safety factors are important tools for design engineers, allowing the HVAC system to be designed with "reserve capacity" to accommodate unexpected loads and the need for increased airflow or dehumidification capacity.
To find the most critical mechanical model, we calculate the safety factors against break failure and pullout failure of the reinforcements [3]
eq max], serves for the calculus of the safety factor, using the general expression:
Because of redundant safety factors built into modern airliners and airlines' maintenance practices, Nance said he was surprised the malfunction occurred.
The list is composed of all the essential safety factors that I have learned as a so-called "expert witness" over the last 35 years.
Due to safety factors and wind loads, SCE developed a method of attaching the cables to the 10th floor roof structure of the NASDAQ building where Olympic gold medallist, Nadia Comaneci "flew" down the cable to a stage in the center of Times Square, carrying the torch aloft.
But last night roads were reopened following a review of health and safety factors.