safety device

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a device designed to prevent injury or accidents

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The council has placed extreme importance in enhancing local testing capabilities to ensure installed window safety devices perform properly and are fail-proof.
Whereable Technologies LLC is a global safety device company and creator of a wearable, live-monitored personal safety device that doesn't require connection to a cell phone or transmitting station.
Safety device network edge Type 1 version 2 (standard) in the amount of 6 pieces,
Working with other hospital staff, including front line workers from a variety of services, including surgeons, ensures that needed resources, expertise, and perspectives are included in the selection and acceptance of safety devices and education of safety practice.
But after describing the safety device as the "worst modification in Formula One history", Hamilton said he would contest using it.
When a product causing an injury could have been purchased with an optional safety device that likely would have prevented the injury, courts have arrived at vastly different conclusions about where liability should lie.
Educational programs have been developed by federal and local agencies with the goal to maximize use of these car safety devices.
Scientific Technologies manufactures light curtains, laser scanners and other safety devices and services.
Yes, there is a new safety device, but it can be used only when the M2 is mounted on the M1A2 and MIA2 SEP tanks.
US FAA approved the AmSafe Child Aviation Restraint System safety device for use on commercial flights.
Company's UL and C-UL listed conduit beacons provide visual monitoring of multiple hazardous access points, without having to manually check the status of each individual safety device.
Campus police will know when a student activates a personal safety device.
The trial court granted summary judgment to Cahill and held that the "recalcitrant worker" defense did not apply because Cahill did not disobey a direct order made "immediately prior" to the accident to use the harness or other safety device.
A two-wire flat cable carries power and signal to each safety device, eliminating the need to wire each device back to the main control cabinet individually.
The FDA-approved NeedleZap[R] is a safety device from E Med Future, Inc.
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