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Synonyms for safeness

the quality or state of being safe

Antonyms for safeness

the quality of being safe

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He added that Smart City is not just to improve the safeness of Sao Paulo, it is more to enhance the happiness of people living in this city.
Although previous studies showed that CCTV did not significantly decrease the crime, it could be helpful in providing a sense of safeness [7].
Technological advancements in this century alone have enabled scientists to certify the safeness of GMOs over and over again.
Morbidity due to abortion was also reduced; however, some studies found that it is dependent on the safeness and precedence of the misoprostol used by the women (17,18).
Often, he intended "to confirm the safeness of closeness by demonstrating non-arousal.
Self-compassion as a predictor of social safeness in Turkish university students
Likewise, the liability of inimical effects while administering the metals and minerals containing traditional medicines is to be explored for its safeness.
They can be used to verify three key properties of a discrete-event system: Liveness (avoidance of deadlock), safeness (no request of ongoing operations), and reversibility (ability to return to the initial state).
For the sake of safeness and for comparison, also the non-parametric version of ANOVA with repeated measures, i.
From ancient times the problems of long-term storing of grain made the person carefully watch the processes and events in the grain mass, study them, detect factors that effect on quality and safeness of grain and find ways decreasing their negative effect on the stored grain.
Participative safety refers to the extent to which the climate of the team is psychologically safe and subsequently through this safeness encourages the participation of each member of the team (Morris 2004).
They say people conflate the look of the city with its safeness, and note that the violent crime is limited, targeted and geographically condensed.
In order to extract the maximum capacity safeness on the airspace, you need specific air traffic control equipment.
Ishiguro's reflection can and should be applied to storytelling; nostalgia, then, is not understood by Kazuo Ishiguro as the presence of negative phantasmal presences, but as a means to recover positive emotions of fairness and safeness (Shaffer and Wong 2008: 166-67) and to fight to actualize them.