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someone who enjoys both sadism and masochism

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As is obvious from these titles, none of these are playful or sadomasochist in nature.
James, it seems, was misleading readers with her depiction of Anastasia Steele, the heroine of her sadomasochist trilogy.
These toughs include Elvis Presley ("Elvis Presley"), the motorcyclist ("On the Move" and "The Unsettled Motorcyclist's Vision of His Death"), the sadomasochist ("The Beaters"), the leather-clad boy ("Black.
She did not pronounce outright at any stage in her essays a classification between Hamlet and King Lear in point of the writer's sadomasochist presence in language manipulation and she leaves Bradley Pearson, the curiously perceptive, though deluded narrator to account for the second rateness of Hamlet.
In 1980, the year that union-busting PresidentRonald Reaganwon theWhite House, viewers channelled sadomasochist revenge fantasies in Nine to Five, where three working women apply chains and a ball-gag to their tyrannical boss.
(2000) Image management in a Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochist Subculture: A cyber-ethnographic Study.
Fans cannot wait for the movie to be released and they are excited to see the red room of pain, the infamous sadomasochist room of pleasure.
Non-normative sexualities, such as those with a sadomasochist fetish theme, continue to be targeted at our borders.
Gee, sounds like a sadomasochist's idea of how to unwind after a hard day in the torture chamber.
The Helpers--they are usually but not always female--will establish a vaguely sadomasochist relationship with you in which you, or your teenage daughter, will be forced to reveal the most intimate and embarrassing details of your inner head.
What are you, a sadomasochist?" Putin asked the reporter, Alexander Kolesnichenko.
The graphic and explicit detailing of erotic or sadomasochist scenes constitutes their development into something more unsettling, more violent.
She denies her vows (Compassionates are extinct by the time she's eighteen, anyway) yet obsesses all her life on the true identity of Christ, disbelieving he was a sadomasochist who was pleased that his flock ate cockroaches for humility.
So we have Johnson the sadomasochist, misogynist, reactionary, and Jacobite, and above all, neurotic, his body of work a bag of symptoms.