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someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain or others

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Outside of analyzing everything your friends and family eat, there's one more way of knowing whether you're dealing with a sadist.
The people of Redcar have already made their feelings so clear that these two morons are now under police protection, although I resent my taxes being used to protect nasty little sadists.
Supply of new machinery and equipment for the landfill - sadist Kremikovtsi" This tender includes the supply of new unused equipment:
I'm satisfied that you're a man who wanted help but didn't get it rather than a vindictive sadist.
amp; conceived for both of them a helpmate, sadist Irma Grese,
THEATRE is always eager to win hearts and minds of youngsters and if Markus The Sadist can't do it, perhaps nothing can.
As I left, one of the ladies in the office said I was rude to call the driver a sadist.
And the chapter, "Jesus is not a sadist," is fully refuted by the hunchbacked dwarf's transformation of Gehenna from the Essene death chamber in which non-Essenes were exterminated, into the Christian Hell in which the Religious Right's detractors, including moderate Christians, are tortured by flamethrowers for all eternity (Mark 9:47-49).
At various points in the song, when this sadist pointed to me, I was expected to bark as loudly as possible.
The nightmare stretches beyond the revenge cravings of a twisted sadist, in this pulse-pounding adventure of quick wits and ruthless determination.
One sister is a sadist and the other is so compliant and selfless she hardly seems to exist.
Once a heartless sadist who worked with ruthless efficiency, he lives with a constant guilt and self loathing despite the redemptive love of his family.
Was the German commander responsible simply a sadist of a type that is found in all nations but is especially common in Germany, theland of 'iron discipline'?
Some things are worth dying for: there is nothing joyful about it, except possibly deep within, some inner defiance, some inner purity and strength that defies the sadist and the power of his weapons.
I figure the bidders will be one of two types: a compassionate person who understands what I am doing and wishes to help my children overcome the obstacle of their father's death, or a sadist.