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someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain or others

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Supply of new machinery and equipment for the landfill - sadist Kremikovtsi" This tender includes the supply of new unused equipment:
I'm satisfied that you're a man who wanted help but didn't get it rather than a vindictive sadist.
But, in a move to ease overcrowding, the sadist has swapped life at Category B Kingston jail in Portsmouth, for softer Wayland in Norfolk.
As I left, one of the ladies in the office said I was rude to call the driver a sadist.
And the chapter, "Jesus is not a sadist," is fully refuted by the hunchbacked dwarf's transformation of Gehenna from the Essene death chamber in which non-Essenes were exterminated, into the Christian Hell in which the Religious Right's detractors, including moderate Christians, are tortured by flamethrowers for all eternity (Mark 9:47-49).
At various points in the song, when this sadist pointed to me, I was expected to bark as loudly as possible.
The nightmare stretches beyond the revenge cravings of a twisted sadist, in this pulse-pounding adventure of quick wits and ruthless determination.
One sister is a sadist and the other is so compliant and selfless she hardly seems to exist.
Once a heartless sadist who worked with ruthless efficiency, he lives with a constant guilt and self loathing despite the redemptive love of his family.
Was the German commander responsible simply a sadist of a type that is found in all nations but is especially common in Germany, theland of 'iron discipline'?
Some things are worth dying for: there is nothing joyful about it, except possibly deep within, some inner defiance, some inner purity and strength that defies the sadist and the power of his weapons.
Assertions of power, in McLaren's reading, these discourses invented--"constructed"--various new negative concepts of manhood, such as the cad, the weakling, the sadist, the exhibitionist, and others, having the effect of narrowing down the boundaries of respectable masculinity.
FBI experts used biometrics - the science which minutely measures a suspect's eyes, face, hands and voice - to confirm that the former London student was the hooded sadist who has murdered a succession of Islamic State hostages including Scots aid worker David Haines.
THE brutal sadist who killed two-year-old Madison Horn somehow managed to convince his partner that he was a decent dad.