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a large bag (or pair of bags) hung over a saddle

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April 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorcycle Luggage experts, Viking Bags, have updated their saddlebag designs and created whole new designs for 2015.
The Cheyenne saddlebag reflects how the Rooms incorporate a range of aspects of American history and include objects recognized for their craftsmanship and historical significance.
gt;Cost: $55-$75 for cookout; $15 for saddlebag lunch.
He could cycle from here to John O'Groats with a bottle of Fairy Liquid sticking out of his saddlebag before I believed him to be anything but a super-ambitious politician with his eye on No 10.
On a hot summer day, a molded ABS saddlebag can expand by as much as a sixteenth of an inch," Printis notes.
Richard so enjoyed that evening, arriving as usual on a Brompton and turning up in the Hilton ballroom with his trousers tucked into his socks, and departing somewhat intoxicated and imbalanced with a whole load of metal trophies in his saddlebag.
This limits the space needed for the float arm to arc (it's not unusual for them to get hung up in a saddlebag tank) it forces the use of two sensors, and a wide arc is needed to provide enough force to operate the resistive element.
But phones in the saddlebag or in the shorts must be a no-no if we are to have fair play.
Smaller European cars, for example, with extreme saddlebag tanks, could never be produced by twin-sheeting, says Manouchehr Kambakhsh, v.
SET IN THE LATTER PART of the nineteenth century, mostly in Ottoman-controlled Arabia, Bahiyyih Nakhjavani's story focuses on a stolen saddlebag and the powerful effects of its contents on nine individuals who are part of a pilgrimage caravan from Mecca to Media.
After meeting with Rabbi's and talking with Rabbi's and following up with leads about Rabbi's, Rabbi Zachery Betesh is the man with the Tfillin, Tallas and Torah in his saddlebag leading the pack.
Bain swerved, but his motorcycle saddlebag hit the sport-utility vehicle's front bumper, and he went down.
1 Saddlebag Briefcase, available in brown American steer hide leather ($460) or canvas and leather ($365).
The main trailhead for the basin is at Saddlebag Lake, which offers camping and limited lodging and food nearby.
The authors of the book also claim that its size means that it can be placed in a saddlebag and carried around on the road as a quick reference.