saddle soap

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a mild soap for cleansing and conditioning leather


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After stitching, the main seam is made smooth on a drum sander followed by the edging tool and polishing with the canvas cloth that has been impregnated with saddle soap.
Hackenbush, a vet who poses as a doctor, Chico is Tony the tipster and Harpo is Stuffy the jockey, all in cahoots to save Judy's sanitarium by using as much saddle soap as possible to win a big race.
I apply the oilfree lotion to my face before go to bed and it soaks in very quickly, the parallels I see here are saddle soap and a very parched old leather sofa.
Saddle Soap is a six-part documentary set in racing-mad Co Kildare.
Every two years the leather items are cleaned with saddle soap to keep the fibers in shape and flexible.
There's enough chrome, leather and industrial motor there to attract a posse of admirers wherever you go (and keep the saddle soap factory working full tilt).
Do not use saddle soap (too strong for dyes and finish), wax polishes, or spray dusters (they clog pores).
I would clean them with saddle soap and boot polish and Brasso the lock - then sell them for pounds 60-pounds 100 to American tourists wanting a "slice of old Britain".