saddle horn

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a high pommel of a Western saddle (usually metal covered with leather)

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In fact, I often hang one from the saddle horn opposite the side where my rifle hangs, where it's easily accessible and partly balances out the load, minimizing the saddle's tendency to list to one side.
I fling my burden of cased takedown recurve and PVC-protected arrows over the saddle horn and clamor onto a moving target eager to overtake his trotting partner.
Ostensibly, the saddle ring was for a leather tong so the carbine could be hooked over a saddle horn.
Loose shirts are a hazard because they can catch on the saddle horn when you dismount.
and declares that "the skull is now safe inside the Tomb together with his [Geronimo's] well worn femurs, bit and saddle horn.
He's riding a horse, he's got the laptop computer on the saddle horn of the horse and he's got the laser goggles bouncing off the butt of the horse and he stops and sets that all up and does the laser sighting of the enemy on the far ridge line that they're taking fire from, gets precise information, data links it up to the B-52, the B-52 drops GPS-guided bombs.
I knew what was coming next, tightened what few muscles in my legs would tighten, and gripped the saddle horn tightly with both hands.
But Mister Ernest never seen it atall until it skun back along Dan's neck and hooked under the head of the saddle horn, us flying on through the air, the loop of the vine gitting tighter and tighter until something somewhere was going to have to give.
5842 The Carl Walker Group 5150 Saddle Horn Trail - Matthews, NC 28104 David & Donnie Todd 704.
Thompson had been struck in the abdomen by the saddle horn when the horse fell, and medics feared that she had suffered internal injuries.