saddle blanket

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stable gear consisting of a blanket placed under the saddle

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PHOTO : Worn as a shawl or used as a saddle blanket, this piece is a good example of the textiles
Primarily a replica dealer with a wide assortment of headgear, saber belts, horse equipment and early military items including reproductions of the 1839 Dragoon belt plate (with double-stud back), Model 1859 cavalry spurs (Civil War style with exposed rowels), 1812 Dragoon helmet plate, Model 1851 enlisted man's shoulder scales, Jefferson shoes, Civil War period cavalry saddle blanket (blue with orange stripe), and reprints of several old cavalry manuals and tactics books.
Each pony comes with an extra mane and tail, a hair brush and one set of Mix-It-Up Fashions[TM], including sparkly saddle blanket, a Saddlette[TM], crown and skirt - for girls to style across all 12 ponies.
He could make anything with his hands--repair a stirrup, mend a saddle blanket, set her gasping in the night, so loud she pressed her face into the pillow so as not to wake the baby.
Once she was comfortably down in the stall, I placed a rolled up towel in her mouth to hold her mouth open while I sawed and the folded saddle blanket went under her head to keep it up off the floor.
Additionally, the YUM Brands logo will appear on the starting gate; finish line; main tote boards; paddock tote boards, saddle blanket and on the jackets of the pony riders who escort the Kentucky Derby horses and jockeys during the post parade.
She has a beaded hide over the front of her Native saddle and appears to be sitting on a very old wool and saddle hide blanket The hide used in the saddle blanket appears to be elk and is very worn and in spots the hair is worn off completely.
A shield was placed in front of the driver and a saddle blanket stretched across the back behind the seat to close out the wind.
The ground was so saturated with water all over the county that if a horse stepped out of the beaten path, it would mire to the saddle blanket.
The shield still exists in the collection of the Museum at the Coulter Bay Visitor Center in the Grand Teton National Park, and her saddle blanket still exists in the collection of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming.
A matching beaded saddle blanket with long white fringe is just barely visible over the horses rump .
Coats of arms are everywhere, even on horses' saddle blankets.
AK-47's were poorly hidden beneath the men's legs and the saddle blankets.