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(Hinduism) an ascetic holy man

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Dalrymple finds me in his review of my book The Surrender ("The saddhu of sodomy," December 2004) to be "a person whom one would not cross the street to meet," I wish to extend an offer on my part to cross the street to his side, and would be happy to explain to him the various confusions he feels about my book--i.
I could be a statue, a ghostly apparition or an Indian saddhu.
Now Kim uses the same trick to save his fellow spy: he rends his clothes to the waist and changes his costume to that of a beggar Saddhu (251).
Pain and discomfort are sometimes used to achieve this transcendence: not long ago, for example, at the vast Hindu festival on the Ganges known as the Kumbh Mela, when the waters of the river are believed to turn briefly into nectar that washes away sins, I met a saddhu who had held one arm aloft for more than a quarter of a century.
The fatal road accident happened just days after the gang stole the icon of a Himalayan Saddhu holy man from Paisley Museum.