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Synonyms for sad

Synonyms for sad

Synonyms for sad

experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness


of things that make you feel sad

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An inconsolable Tim Cahill has described his red card in Australia's 4-0 defeat to Germany in their World Cup opener as the saddest moment of his career before breaking down in tears in front of the media.
it's the dog I feel saddest for, the way he roams the house,
And its "1 is the saddest number" campaign aims to raise pounds 100,000 to ensure people do not suffer isolation and loneliness this festive season.
What I find saddest about this story is not that the lamentable CSA could not get the parents to pay up, but that we live in a society where parents do not care about their children's needs and run away from their responsibilities.
A comedian at the Oscars / the saddest man of all," Ferrell crooned, before Reilly encouraged him and Black to take serious projects, as well.
A judge at Cardiff Crown Court described her statement as 'one of the saddest things'.
Perhaps that is the saddest lesson of all, the realization that wrongs can no longer be undone, that there is no time left to become someone we ourselves consider admirable.
Using a shortlist by the Official UK Charts Company, he measured "tune trigger quotient" measuring heart rate, respiratory response and skin temperature to find the saddest, happiest and most exhilarating tracks.
The saddest thing I have seen is veterans who wait years and years to get help, allowing these things to eat away at them so much that it has in many cases ruined their lives.
In many ways, the saddest part of Ruth's life was after his career was over.
Over 36 years of struggle, the July 1982 massacre of 268 residents of Plan Sanchez, in the region of Baja Verapaz, stands out as among the saddest episodes in a very long conflict.
The saddest story of the week was that of two-year-old Abigail Rae who wandered away from her playgroup and was found drowned in a neighbour's garden.
Perhaps the saddest part of all this is that it is deemed politically advantageous to fault an act of nature for not striking Americans according to appropriate racial distribution patterns.
It is the saddest, saddest story," says Seodi White, who is the head of the Malawi chapter of Women and Law in Southern Africa, a nonprofit research organization.
In 2004, Take One's choice for the best Canadian feature is a tie between Mark Achbar's and Jennifer Abbott's The Corporation and Guy Maddin's The Saddest Music in the World.