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Synonyms for sad

Synonyms for sad

Synonyms for sad

experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness


of things that make you feel sad

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According to sources, SP Sadder Rizwan Umar Gondal with the help of Assistant Commissioner City allegedly imposed fine of Rs.
People also looked sadder when sleep-deprived than after a normal sleep, and this apparent sadness was related to looking fatigued, the researchers said.
Sadder police Chakwal dispatched a police party on the spot and after having autopsy of the dead body, police have registered the case and started investigation.
Now is the season, wisely long, of sadder thought and graver song, When ailing souls grow well and strong, Oh hearken when we cry.
Jess, Ayr I THINK there is nothing sadder than seeing an obese parent having lunch in a fast food restaurant with an overweight kid.
Imam Sadder was knowledgeable about Christianity and the life of Jesus Christ.
Yet there was an even sadder report ("Heart charity warns schoolchildren not getting enough daily exercise", Sept 28) of the state of children's health, with only a third taking enough exercise to maintain their health in accordance with government guidelines.
It's very sad to have a child who has to be hospitalised; it's even sadder when those precious photographs of Bethany are lost.
There is nothing sadder than seeing students graduate from high school, sometimes with honors, only to learn that they must take remedial courses to get up to speed.
This makes it even sadder that in Caerphilly, Plaid Cymru gave some independent councillors a real opportunity to make a positive contribution.
That is far sadder than 194000 abortions in my opinion.
Even sadder when it is your fiancee who succumbs to leukaemia just a few months before your wedding.
In the end you feel sadder for the woman who uses a reality show to find a boyfriend than you do for the gay man who uses a reality show to demonstrate to the world how straight he can pretend to be.
In sadder Black Box news, Josh Harmony suffered a sack and a separated shoulder on a recent Smith grind attempt.
Is there anyone sadder than a talented young athlete who suddenly begins losing his edge and cannot turn it around?