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wedge-shaped bone consisting of five fused vertebrae forming the posterior part of the pelvis

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Plain x-ray shows pseudo articulation of left L5 transverse process and the sacrum (Figure 1).
to the inferior endplate of L5 V.13 For the measurement of sacral inclination angle the highest point of the base of the sacrum was identified.
(7,14,15) Specifically, in context of mid-labor forward sagittal tilting (nutation) of the sacrum facilitating flexion-rotation of the fetal head in the dorsal pelvic space, and thus the role of sacral dimensions, are not yet clearly elucidated.
At regular intervals, radiological follow-up examinations were carried out by means of CT, which documented the new formation of the sacrum, including the neuroforamina, initially as a thin bone margin in the area of the former sacrum up to the formation of a new sacrum (Figure 7).
Michael Brown's transcription of "Gloria" from Missa: O sacrum convivium is a solid addition to this repertoire.
Dysmorphic osseous characteristics include colinearity of the upper portion of the sacrum and the iliac crests, noncircular anterior sacral foramina, residual upper sacral discs, etc.
An award of PS40,000 was made to a 55-year-old man who developed grade four pressure sores on his sacrum, heels and the back of his head.
El poema sagrado sobre los meritos de Cristo es un centon virgiliano, denominado tambien De laudibus Christi o Carmen sacrum, compuesto por una cristiana del siglo IV.
Three cases involved the tibia, one involved the metatarsal and tibia, and one involved the sacrum [10, 12, 14, 17, 18].
These make up part of the pelvis on either side of your tailbone or sacrum. On each side, they join the ilium, the largest bone to form the outer walls of the pelvis.
The diagnosis can be complicated by the fact that radiographic assessment of the sacrum is difficult and lower spine (lumbar) imaging is frequently not specifically targeted at the sacrum.
Her four other heroes are the lymphatic system, sacrum, fascia, and skull.
Pressure ulcers are most common on the sacrum, buttocks and heels, but can also appear on the ankles, elbows and hips, EPUAP literature says.