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Synonyms for sacrosanctity

the quality of being holy or sacred

the quality or condition of being safe from assault, trespass, or violation

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Suleiman December 3, 2011 -- Political analysts and observers alike thought that the participation of Mohammed Osman al-Mirghani, using his son Jaafer-al-Sadiq as a ploy, and Sadiq al-Mahdi, as well utilized his son who is a Colonel in the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), Abdelrahman in the very same trick, to form the so-called broad-based government with the National Congress Party (NCP), is like sliding into the abyss at best, at worst a mockery and a Political Suicide; and above all a fiasco to their alleged sacrosanctity.
The fact that individuals and nations rarely, if ever, acknowledge that they committed torture underlines the sacrosanctity with which the prohibition of torture is generally regarded.
After four millennia during which civilization's major religions and moral philosophies have universally denounced it as an unnatural vice, suddenly, within a generation, homosexuality has achieved the sacrosanctity of dogma.
But that may not be possible, given the sacrosanctity with which many Americans regard the US Constitution.
The inconsistency registered by memory in the memorialising artefacts to pass them as history is demonstrable in the perceptions defining the sacrosanctity of human blood that is shed in contexts of political contestations.
The gang's linkage to a shadowy organisation known as 'the Deep State'--a group of powerful individuals bent on protecting the sacrosanctity of the secularist republic by whatever means necessary--has triggered debate amongst intellectuals and the Turkish media.
The Spirit, it might be said, is not a literalist, not a strict guardian of the sacrosanctity of Christ's status as Son of God, but one who extends this sonship to others and enables them to become a part of the Son's exegesis of the Father.