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Synonyms for sacrosanct

Synonyms for sacrosanct

regarded with particular reverence or respect

protected from violation or abuse by custom, law, or feelings of reverence

Synonyms for sacrosanct

must be kept sacred

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Watching her father, Eliza learned that all ideas--even those considered most sacrosanct by the public--were open to question and that one must not simply accept the words of authority figures, such as preachers and politicians, but think and research the truth for oneself
The arborist and county engineer helped him redesign the swale, and they put up a yellow plastic line (the kind police use) to show heavy-equipment operators that the area around the tree was sacrosanct.
There are a number of time-honored, sacrosanct assumptions about the way we do business that impede how we relate to patients and customers.
Use of the reserve funds, while an indication that debt service does not hold a sacrosanct position, is not of itself that negative, if replenished, since a major purpose of the reserve is to protect against late budget adoption.
But even that sacrosanct corporate asset bends to local tastes when necessary.
Many wine consumers need 'permission' to brand out beyond that sacrosanct image.
That is an address which has been sacrosanct in the last 66 years," Tewari said.
If you (US) can protect the aspect of Holocaust being sacrosanct, then the Prophet (PBUH) is sacrosanct to us.
Michael Walby of Viking said: "While many view their holidays as sacrosanct time, it seems a surprising number do not object to receiving the odd call from work.
If any of us mere mortals and taxpayers should stray into any of these sacrosanct streets, however inadvertently, we will be deemed criminals and fined pounds 130 for our insolence.
It used to be the case that Green Belt land was absolutely sacrosanct but these rules seem to be slipping more and more and that should concern everyone.
Keith Evans, councillor for Menai Bridge, said: "Crimes against post boxes like this are unheard of, they should be sacrosanct.
A will is sacrosanct and the judge and Dr Gill should hang their heads in shame.
Lives are sacrosanct unless the country is attacking another country.
Thank you Alun Cairns (Dragon's Eye, November 29) for taking the side of the taxpayer and at least making an effort to obtain facts and figures, which seem to be sacrosanct to the oligarchy.