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Synonyms for sacrosanct

Synonyms for sacrosanct

regarded with particular reverence or respect

protected from violation or abuse by custom, law, or feelings of reverence

Synonyms for sacrosanct

must be kept sacred

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Taking the floor after the minister, the CJI dismissed the perception of judicial activism, saying protection of fundamental rights of citizens is the "sacrosanct duty of the judiciary" and it is obliged to stand with citizens if government entities "encroach" upon their fundamental rights.
"That principle that the code of conduct must be observed is sacrosanct."
Actually what is truly sacrosanct is the protection of our common European home from chaotic forces within and without that would tear it all down.
He said leaders made it "crystal clear" that Britain would have to accept all of the four sacrosanct rules guarding the free movement of people, labour, capital and goods if it wishes to access the single market.
This is the epitome of moral and intellectual crusade against the twin monsters of intellectual fascism and the cancer of moral double standard - the deadly virus that has infiltrated and infected the bastion of democracy, as esteemed and sacrosanct as Great Britain.
Some people feel that the existing green belt is sacrosanct and all building should be on brownfield land.
IT was interesting to read the ECHO article (August 22) on actor, presenter and environmental campaigner Simon O'Brien - not least his views on how the various pieces of land that were kindly bestowed to the city by philanthropists should be "sacrosanct".
He restated support for European allies, whose security he described as "sacrosanct" and "a cornerstone" of the US security, as quoted by the BBC.
Harris line of abstention cases, it has been settled law for some time that, even if a lawyer-regulating agency is mercilessly violating the constitutional rights of a lawyer, federal courts will not intervene because the sovereign interest of the states in bar matters is sacrosanct.
The crisis has exposed a culture of poor management and cronyism in an economy around 50% controlled by the state.Slovenia is now staring at a fire-sale of public assets that were once considered sacrosanct. Critics say the country will rue not having sold them earlier.
The proposed move has been a shock for the people of Cyprus, as depositors' savings had until now been seen as sacrosanct and remained untouched by EU demands.
Minister Reilly yesterday described the tax rate as "sacrosanct".
Some films are sacrosanct. Patrick Swayze will be pirouetting in his grave.
What is so sacrosanct about council chambers and councillors?
In a television interview Friday, Mitri said he held freedom of opinion sacrosanct, but complained that media outlets were failing to draw a line between opinion and analysis.