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Synonyms for sacrosanct

Synonyms for sacrosanct

regarded with particular reverence or respect

protected from violation or abuse by custom, law, or feelings of reverence

Synonyms for sacrosanct

must be kept sacred

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I must clarify protection of fundamental rights of each and every citizen is the sacrosanct duty of the judiciary which has been conferred on by the Constitution.
We want Donald Trump to know, however, that we defy his message and his corruption by using our sacrosanct rights as voting Americans.
Your rule may be sacrosanct for you but not for us.
Some people feel that the existing green belt is sacrosanct and all building should be on brownfield land.
Asserting that facts are always sacred and sacrosanct, he said, "yes I said, it was a sacrosanct document, and I reiterate that it is a sacrosanct document, as not even a comma or full stop can be changed.
It was also observed in the meeting that the freedom struggle was sacrosanct and the people of Jammu and Kashmir wanted peaceful and permanent resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with their aspirations.
Harris line of abstention cases, it has been settled law for some time that, even if a lawyer-regulating agency is mercilessly violating the constitutional rights of a lawyer, federal courts will not intervene because the sovereign interest of the states in bar matters is sacrosanct.
Slovenia is now staring at a fire-sale of public assets that were once considered sacrosanct.
The proposed move has been a shock for the people of Cyprus, as depositors' savings had until now been seen as sacrosanct and remained untouched by EU demands.
He assured the Hindu community of the country especially FATA that their religious, social and civic freedom would be upheld as a sacrosanct national responsibility, he added.
What is so sacrosanct about council chambers and councillors?
In a television interview Friday, Mitri said he held freedom of opinion sacrosanct, but complained that media outlets were failing to draw a line between opinion and analysis.
This all depends on the sky, we don't have a good forecast for Sunday but they are not always accurate, and if that happens we will then roll into Monday, keeping the singles sacrosanct whatever happens.
I don't know how you would ever be able to move on from that, those two occasions being so sacrosanct.
There are some things that are sacrosanct and the feeling of safety in a domestic, business, school, or any other category from the fire services should be paramount.