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a religious person who offers up a sacrifice

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The leader's confirmation ceremony sets off a mechanism of increasing excitation amongst the rural community in the valley, activating a dynamics that feeds on the forces it deploys, and the hero takes on, one by one, all the positions in the system, eventually turning from sacrificer into victim.
38) As Mulvey would surely note, Iphigenia's position as spectacle makes her a victim; Agamemnon is the agent--he dares to become the sacrificer of his daughter (Ag.
The eyeless head of Sacrificer is perched on the edge on another more termite-eaten drum, whose hollow is filled with bent, rusty nails.
In Violence and the Sacred, Rene Girard explores the relation between the sacrificer, his victim, and deity.
While it clinches the intimate bond between sacrificer and hunter (both are exclusively male), it widens the gender divide since it prohibits female participation in either hunting or sacrifice.
However, besides the victim being substituted for the sacrificer (Evans-Pritchard 1956; Hubert and Mauss 1964), cooking and eating the strength-giving sacrificial pig together was also a conspicuous phenomenon in the Amis sacrificial practices (cf.
9) The term is ambiguous, for it primarily designates the eight manifestations of Siva in the world, namely the five elements, and the Moon, the Sun, and the Sacrificer (yajamana) or, according to other traditions, mind (manas).
I bestow wealth on the pious sacrificer who presses the Soma and offers the oblation (Doniger 2005: 63).
T]he Lovely, Young and Ador'd Victim lays herself down before the Sacrificer, while he, with a Hand resolved, and a Heart breaking within, gave the Fatal Stroke; first cutting her Throat, and then severing her yet smiling Face from that Delicate Body, pregnant as it was with the Fruits of tenderest Love.
The way around this, Bataille suggests, is through the subterfuge of the sacrifice: by imposing death on another animal body, "the sacrificer identifies himself with the animal that is struck down dead.
In this way, concludes McClelland, the relationship between vampire and slayer is analogous to that between sacrificial victim or scapegoat and sacrificer.
that sacrifice is an act of mediation between the sacrificer and a deity
Without the intimate relation established between the sacrificer and the sacrificed, which Bataille traces back to ancient Aztec practices, the ritualized murder of the victim would be senseless butchery, not sacrifice.
Though human sacrifice is not first seen as a part of an economy, in later representations man "is a sacrificer because he is a measurer and enumerator" (6).
In the case of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a number of critics have noted the extent to which the "moral" of the poem resists "any attempts to impose a systematic philosophic system," and Raimonda Modiano has argued that this is the result of the fact that the Mariner is both sacrificer and sacrificed, as well as hunter and hunted.