sacred lotus

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native to eastern Asia

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Washington, May 11 ( ANI ): A team of researchers has reported that they have sequenced the sacred lotus genome, and the results offer insight into the heart of some of its mysteries.
Purity of the sacred lotus or as--cape from contamination in biological surfaces.
It heats up on application and the natural sugar smoothes, while moisturising Argan oil and smoothing Sacred Lotus oil leave the skin silky and fragrant.
With jasmine, sacred lotus, manuka honey plus a little lavender it will leave you serence and calm as well as sweeping away all traces of the night before.
This caused the bodhisattva (enlightened spirit) Manjushri to cut the southern rim of the valley with his sword to release the waters, enabling people to go and worship the sacred lotus flower.
Readers may be surprised to learn, for instance, that the fruits of the cocklebur inspired the hook and loop fastener known as Velcro; unfolding leaves and insect wings share the same folding patterns as solar panels; and the self-cleaning leaves of the sacred lotus plant have spawned a new industry of self-cleaning surfaces.