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Synonyms for sacque

a woman's full loose hiplength jacket


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Fairfax was summoned to give information respecting the resources of the house in shawls, dresses, draperies of any kind; and certain wardrobes of the third storey were ransacked, and their contents, in the shape of brocaded and hooped petticoats, satin sacques, black modes, lace lappets, &c.
Ce qui m'enerve le plus, c'est d'etre mis dans le meme sacque les autres.
Nella Larsen, a bibliophile who enjoyed reading in her "best green crepe de chine pyjamas, fresh flowers on the bed side table, piles of freshly covered pillows and [her] nicest bed cover" (Larsen 1926a)--a ritual that resonates with Edith Wharton's custom of writing in bed "dressed in a pink silk sacque with a matching bed cap" and propped up by pillows--obviously curled up with more than a few books by the author of Twilight Sleep (Joslin 2012, 217).
Angell, a sacque maker; the reason was probably that he wanted to hide from his aunt his increasingly worse condition (Hare 1911: XXIVXXV).
This panel of silk comes from the back of a woman's sacque dress or robe a la francaise, which had back folds falling freely from the shoulders and ending in a train.