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Synonyms for sacque

a woman's full loose hiplength jacket


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This panel of silk comes from the back of a woman's sacque dress or robe a la francaise, which had back folds falling freely from the shoulders and ending in a train.
k Cat practiCAlly oCCur siCCEd zuCCHini saCCHArine CHyle aCHE baCK liCKEd choCOlate aCQuit laCQUer saCQUE sGraffito louGH houGHEd maHzor Kin eKE ginKGo KHaKi jinriKIshaw puKKa treKKEd Quit QUay piQUE liQUOrice except XHosa
Nigel Day is in double form at Lingfield, where Arabian Bold wins the 12-furlong maiden and Sacque the handicap sprint.