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shaped like a pouch

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Hurst (1967) suggested 4 categories of egg masses: coiled ribbons, egg cords, ovoid or globular jelly masses, and saclike masses.
In human biology, what S is a saclike organ in which food is partially digested?
Paul, despite his limitations of eight sucker-bearing arms, a soft saclike body and no internal shell, revolutionized the football industry, even if it was only for a year.
Saclike filter feeder ascidians have been reported to be an important source in drug discovery.
Stamen produces pollen in its anthers, which are saclike structures attached to the end of the slender filaments.
The saclike alveoli are arranged in lobes and lobules in the mammary gland.
Often, however, serious health problems are centered in a dog's gallbladder, a small, tough-skinned, saclike structure, situated in the abdominal cavity, that plays a relatively dispensable role in digestion.
follicle--A saclike structure within the ovary that gradually enlarges and, with one burst, releases an egg into the oviduct.
In general, the ovary of the Japanese medaka is an unpaired saclike organ attached to the wall of the coelomic cavity.