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the excessive sweetness of saccharin

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But director Jon Turteltaub's insistence upon hammering every point home with giant closeups and relentless musical underlining makes this insufferably cloying and sickly sweet for anyone with the least intolerance to "find the inner child" saccharinity. But given the combo of Willis, a good-natured pudgy kid, dogs, heavily manufactured feel-good moments and Disney actually putting its corporate name in the title, it's hard to wager that this won't be one of those awful movies that a hefty portion of the public embraces because it's designed to expose the vulnerability of even the hardest of men.
A rendering of Macbeth, with every word intact and beautifully pronounced, that turns it into a light comedy, is for me no worse than the Jeunehomme concerto turned into a kind of china-doll saccharinity.
During the 19th century Sunday School books acquired an unfavorable reputation because of their frequent saccharinity and lack of realism.
Wister is sometimes criticized for the saccharinity of some of his work, but parts of The Virginian are in the tradition of the new realism; indeed, at the request of Roosevelt, Wister excised an eyegouging episode as too offensive.