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Comparison of the growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum species in media supplemented with selected saccharides including prebiotics.
37) Our interest was to know how thermo-sensitive polymers containing tri- and higher saccharides behave in aqueous solutions.
33: Cytoplasm appears very stained, which signifies increase of saccharides in the liver tissue and increasing decomposition of cytoplasm (arrow (X400 PAS).
These findings did not agree with the hypothesis of Wareing (1970) that root and shoot are mutually dependent upon each other for exchanging nutrients, saccharides, growth substances and are physiologically in equilibrium and any reduction in root growth limit the shoot growth or vice versa.
This subseries can perform high-sensitivity analysis of anionic samples including phosphorylated saccharides, organic acids, and other medical substances.
Therefore, the chemical studies of wines should not only involve polyphenols, but also potentially beneficial or harmful saccharides, organic acids, metals, and so forth.
Other molecules, such as the hundreds of sugars called saccharides made by gut bacteria, may interact with human immune system proteins to fuel or calm inflammation, or pave the way for a particular bacterium to settle into a niche.
The patients were prescribed a diet with reduced amounts of saccharides and polyols (such as sorbitol), adjusted according to individual tolerance.
2), monobasic saccharides, disaccharides and starch after cutting grasses in summer in Mordovia.
The increase in production of photosynthetic pigments in SA treated plants was associated with the accumulation of saccharides and growth yield of wheat plant under the different salinity levels.
Biopolymers are usually polymers produced naturally by living species, their molecular backbones composed of repeating units of saccharides, nucleic acids, or amino acids but they can also be built from monomers extracted from living species.
But the real favorites of the bloodsuckers were people that had type O blood and whose skin secreted saccharides 6 little pieces of sugar.
Cryoprotectants such as glycerol and sucrose or other saccharides are added to sperm.
Volatile oils, lactones, glycosides, phenolic acid, protein, and saccharides can also be transformed in this process.
Means they are oligo saccharides attached directly to lipids on red cell membrane.