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Synonyms for saboteur

Synonyms for saboteur

someone who commits sabotage or deliberately causes wrecks

a member of a clandestine subversive organization who tries to help a potential invader

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From top: Bao pork, Namon hoi and vit curry at Saboteur PIC: CALLUM MOFFAT
Remember, a saboteur can only derail your efforts permanently if you allow it.
With a little bit of luck, the simple saboteur can induce premature corrosion of machine parts and cutting jags in addition to premature wear on vessel walls.
Addressing a press conference, CCPO Quetta disclosed that following the successful investigation into different acts of saboteurs, police team arrested the VBIED making expert miscreant who had confessed to have committed dozens of explosions which caused killing of many people, besides leaving many injured and causing damage to national installations.
Tim Bonner, director of campaigns at the Countryside Alliance, said the saboteur movement is not what it once was.
He was responding to a report published in Al-Wasat and allegations posted on social media websites claiming the saboteur was run over.
This saboteur sows seeds of discord as underlings and co-workers resign themselves to the fact that their efforts are never good enough.
On the other side of the fence are hunt saboteurs, a ragtag bunch.
The good thing about this bank-breaking purchase though was the new games you could play, and one - Saboteur - was an absolute triumph for 8bit entertainment.
Martin believes Kane is innocent, but his niece Patricia (Priscilla Lane) does not, and she decides to turn the suspected saboteur in.
The saboteur or saboteurs have vandalised four aircraft belonging to the airline since 2003.
Partly because of this encounter--which brought to the attention of the American military Birch's unusual talents with the language and culture--the young missionary soon became a soldier, spy, saboteur, and liaison with Chinese rebel forces.
Not recognizing the young pilot's American accent, the French thought him a saboteur and made ready to execute him.
All the while, each individual tries to ferret out the mole, a saboteur attempting to prevent the team from succeeding in their goals and adding to the winner's pot.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The highly-anticipated open-world sandbox game, The Saboteur, which also launched on consoles and PC from Electronic Arts, is now available for download on all major mobile carriers and app stores in the U.