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a shoe carved from a single block of wood


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footwear usually with wooden soles

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The process of reloading a shotgun shell consists of pressing out the spent primer, sizing the metal head and plastic hull back to the original size, then recharging the hull with a new primer and propellant, inserting a wad, shot or sabot and projectile and crimping the round to return it to the original overall length.
It helps reduce recoil, and paired with the SpeedBelt sabot, it loads easily in muzzleloaders with no lubrication required.
Et c'est a ce moment que le controleur procede a l'immobilisation du vehicule a l'aide d'un sabot apres avoir constate le non respect du preavis.
2 shot chambered, I waited for my hunting partners to complete an over-the-decoys crack at ducks, and then sort out the departing targets to test the sabot wad system for additional range extension.
From the end of December, when the sabot proceedings began, and this month when the case went to court, that figure had fallen to just eight.
"to operate the system, the chicken carcass is placed into a balsa wood container called a sabot (French for "shoe") and loaded into the barrel.
In October, AIM acquired the assets of specialty publisher Sabot Publishing, including Southwest Art, Vegetarian Times and Better Nutrition magazines as well as divisions Garlinghouse Company and Black Belt Communications.
Brenneke, a German ammunition manufacturer, has introduced a sabot round for 12-gauge, rifled shotguns that the company claims is more accurate and powerful than other versions on the market.
A scrap trader based in Shanghai told Reuters that while international suppliers were asking for $850 to $900 per metric ton, for the "sabot" grade, Chinese importers were not willing to pay more than $780 to $800 at present.
It is simply used in anti-tank Sabot rounds, and armor, because of its high density.
Southampton-based Sabot (UK) which operates the Silver Street site, was unrepentant.
Sadie Sabot is a volunteer and an organizer with Food Not Bombs--San Francisco.
They feature the Ridgeback Sabot with horizontal ridges and a deeper base cup for an excellent gas seal.
The five, deputy party president and Minister in the Prime Minister Department Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun, vice president Datuk William Nyalau Badak and three Supreme Council members Nyempah Sabot, Edward Kurik and Adriana Chumang Nyambung were sacked for disrupting party unity.
Sabot slugs are designed to be fired in fully rifled shotgun barrels or barrels with a rifled screw-in choke tube installed and are sometimes made of copper, are often shaped like an hourglass (sometimes they are shaped like a jacketed bullet), and are surrounded by a plastic sabot.