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a fur coat made of sable furs

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If you've ever seen the 1987 British film, Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, you will surely remember an episode near the film's end: A wealthy white woman whose husband is actively involved in dispossessing the urban poor gets a huge "X" spray-painted across the back of her sable coat by Rani, a lesbian activist of colour.
Ruts was a Mennonite fur trader and his sable coat and hat refer to his trade.
"I wish I had a sable coat and chinchilla dressing gown and every other fur I could lay my hands on.
Tyson sued for pounds 61,000 by Manhattan furrier who claims money is payment for sable coat bought for Givens' mother.
Even by her low standards, this is a disgraceful distortion of the truth and a blatant act of disloyalty to taxpayers, who have subsidised a lavish lifestyle that lets her splash out on extravagances like a pounds 29,000 sable coat, racehorses and cars.
6THE collar of a pounds 43,000 Sable coat. She said she'd rather go naked than wear fur - but the collar's all she could afford anyway.
Sian Reeves (Cutting It and Mount Pleasant) brings her trademark comedy to the outlandish, lavish Ustinya, matchmaker extraordinaire and all round wheeler dealer who gets tripped up by her love of sable coats. They are joined by Guy Lewis, Valmai Jones, Ri Richards, Rachel Redford and Gareth Tempest.
Full length designer fur coats, designer mink coats, fur jackets, fox coats, fox jackets, sable coats, and sable strollers.
There may be fewer men and women sporting full-length sable coats today, but as the cold kicks in, plenty of people are still donning fur earmuffs and fur-trimmed hats and coats.