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an artist's brush made of sable hairs

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These are hard-won wonders, often years in the works: canvases realized with a tiny sable brush and slow-drying alkyd oil; drawings created by the accretion of astonishingly dense, allover graphite marks or the erasure of bits of thick expanses of powdered charcoal; prints made via the difficult mezzotint process.
While painting the final image--for which I use watercolours, sable brushes and smooth hot-press and cold-press paper--I work with a mix of colours which are consistent with the specimen, and a range of techniques like tempera, to carefully describe the unique beauty of the specimen as well as its scientific botanical structure.
He said:"I use sable brushes, which are the most expensive.
Each comes with sable brushes, feathers, massage oils, incense, Indian silk overhangs, red lanterns, perfumed candles, erotic illustrations and a basket of love toys, which are included for 227 pounds a night.
I use two or three beautiful soft sable brushes, a number 8 or 9 and a 4 or 5.