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the wood of the sabicu which resembles mahogany

West Indian tree yielding a hard dark brown wood resembling mahogany in texture and value

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In the group of accompanying species, jocuma, guarano (Cupania americana), guasima, jobo (Spondias mombin), jatia and sabicu (Lysiloma sabicu) are subdominant species.
C 1 IV foetidissimum Cupania americana C 1 IV Guazuma ulmifolia C 1 IV Spondias mombin C 1 IV Phyllostylon brasiliensis I 1 IV Lysyloma sabicu I 1 IV Drypetes alba C 1 III Gymnanthes lucida I 1 III Cupania glabra var.
foetidissimum, Cupania americana, Guazuma ulmifolia, Spondias mombin, Phyllostylon brasiliensis and Lysiloma sabicu. As less frequent: Drypetes alba, Gymnanthes lucida, Cupania glabra, Zuelania guidonia, Poeppigia procera, Roystonea regia, Trophis racemosa, Sideroxylon salicifolium and Carpodiptera cubensis.
Calliandra haematomma and Lysiloma sabicu have the same type of extrafloral nectaries, probably active on the developing leaves during the time they are the most vulnerable to herbivory; these nectaries may support the same kinds of ant protectors that are present on Inga species (Koptur 1984, 1994; Wickers 1997; Pascal et al.
TIME TO SELL: Johnny Dumfries WILLIAM THORNTON PHOTOGRAPHY; FAST LANE: Johnny in 1988 when he was a racing driver; RICH PICKINGS: Above, two of the rooms inside Dumfries House, main pic; Late George II parcel-gilt rosewood, padouk & sabicu breakfront bookcase pounds 2m to pounds 4m; Two late George II gilt wood Chippendale pier mirrors pounds 600,00 to pounds 4m; George II palm-wrapped mahogany bed pounds 300,000 - pounds 500,000; Set of 22 Scottish George II mahogany dining chairs pounds 400,000 - pounds 600,000