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any of many extinct cats of the Old and New Worlds having long swordlike upper canine teeth

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"The company believes that the Sabertooth system will be a key technology innovation in the subsea sector that will provide more cost-effi-cient and higher quality solutions for customers.
UK company Modus Seabed Intervention and Saab Dynamics of Sweden have entered into a collaboration agreement to further develop the operational use and applications of the Saab Sabertooth hovering hybrid AUV/ROV for the oil and gas and offshore renewables markets.
His life is filled with hazards, such as a hungry sabertooth tiger--fortunately he befriends a kindly and very BIG wooly mammoth named Woma!
But similarly, it is possible to find analogues to different aspects of the sabertooth cat mechanics in different vertebrates.
Hiding his art cave from his no-nonsense father and befriending a Neanderthal and a girl from the enemy clan, this clever hero concocts a plan to save humanity, all while avoiding the dangerous sabertooth tigers that creep in the jungle.
Divers found the Naia's remains along with the bones of other extinct animals like giant sloths and sabertooth cats.
The Clean Sea team has found answers to key issues, like the early warning of spills and leakages, with technological solutions using a Sabertooth hybrid AUV/ROV from Saab Seaeye.
Penfound, owner of Penfound Design and a custom car builder who uses only PPG products, bought the car--named "Sabertooth"--more than 10 years ago.
Other projects in the script stages of development include the Detroit based heist drama, "Overtime," written by Gordon Michaels, "One Way Ticket," which will be filmed entirely in Havana, Cuba, the comedy "Harold Undercover," a sequel to the critically acclaimed feature, "Unbeatable Harold," Invasion, an alien horror film set on a remote Michigan farm, in addition to four other titles from the PaleoJoe Dinosaur Detective Club series of books, "Stolen Stegosaurus," "Secret Sabertooth," "Raptor's Revenge," and "Mysterious Mammoths." The 9 picture slate is aiming at the micro-budget genre, with budgets of approximately $500k to $1.5 million.
The choices that we make (or fail to make) in the next few years may determine whether the human species survives, or goes the way of the wooly mammoth and the sabertooth tiger.
Asus has announced the launch of TUF Series SaberTooth 990FX/GEN3 R2.0, the world's first AMD-based motherboard to feature PCI Express 3.0 for use with next-generation high-performance graphics cards.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: On this hunt I used a Hoyt Carbon Matrix bow, Carbon Express Maxima Hunter KV arrows, Spot-Hogg Hunter sight, AXT Carbon Vapor quiver, Scott Sabertooth release, and Cabela's Microtex Outfitter Camo clothing.
Mumbai, April 24 -- ASUS has introduced a new addition to their acclaimed TUF series of motherboards, the SABERTOOTH Z77, based on the latest Intel(R) 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge processors and Z77 Chipset.
These motherboards represent the company's ROG brand, and included the micro ATX Maximus V Gene, as well as the ruggedised Sabertooth Z77 from the ASUS TUF range.
The Sabertooth is perfectly suited for hunters, campers, backpackers, fossil-digging archeologists and military.