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shaped in the form of the letter S

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Helical - Winslow-Helical grind feature S-shaped, crowned chisel with excellent self centering characteristics that reduce thrust, increase feedrate, extend drill life, and improve hole quality.
FlexTorq 762 series hollow-shaft offset ac gearmotors feature either a 1.25-inch (31.75 mm) ID hollow shaft or a 1.25-inch diameter solid shaft in either the U-shaped or S-shaped configuration.
Directly behind this section, the frame rails head downward, and this S-shaped section contains a revised insert to minimize passenger compartment intrusion.
The new pounds 1.1m S-shaped extension to the junior school features curved walls.
The s-shaped walkway will link Gambier Terrace to the north porch, carrying pedestrians over St James cemetery.
The 1.3-meter-long, S-shaped trackway preserves the footprints left by two different creatures.
Represents the S-cutter low-speed, screenless, beside-the-press grinder with an S-shaped rotor, formerly made by Nissui and now built by Stolz Co.
According to Burrows, a slight S-shaped warp discernible its the Hubble images is most likely caused by the gravitational pull of a planet orbiting in a different plane from that in which the disk's outer portions lie.
In Die entfesselte Landschaft III (The unbound landscape III, 1973--74) the heterogeneity of the line structure is evident in the primary s-shaped structure and its supporting verticals that are juxtaposed with small spiral shapes.
The longer it takes the less mobility I'll have SHAUNA FRANKLIN co wexford yesterday Scoliosis A deformity in the spine that causes an abnormal C-shaped (one curve) or S-shaped (two curves) curvature.
It can be C or S-shaped and ranges from mild to severe.
Of the five most famous devices, S-shaped 'Delight', came at the top with a score of 74 out of 100.
It follows the construction of a new pounds 1.1m S-shaped junior block and extension to the junior school hall.