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Synonyms for ruttish

feeling great sexual desire

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In its place, when he blew again, was a fifth which read: The salty-sweet, sweating remembrance of Drennette's long-toed advance animated the street with an astringent allure, a ruttish funk I fell into which was more than mere mood.
Last year, at a conference on how our elected representatives are ruttish whores to big money, one participant proposed reforms so perverse that panelist Ellen Miller of the Center for Responsive Politics remembers wondering, Who is this Republican?
The letters continuously resist--try to resist, then yield (and yield, baby) to descriptions of ruttish nymphs who want nothing more than a shameless romp with a European.
Beneath the light, a ruttish priest spun wool, stood, and said he would wash my feet in the blood of our waters.