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Synonyms for rusty-red

of a red color tinged with rust


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Welsh emblem: The red kite is probably the most well-known bird of prey in Wales due to its instantly recognisable rusty-red forked tail.
Varieties of the flower include Russian Giant, Irish Eyes, Double Shine, Giant Single, Infrared, and Florenza which includes contrasting light yellow colours with a rusty-red ring.
The Great Rift Valley spread out 5,000ft below us, a stunning carpet of rusty-red soil and deep-green bush.
A witness, who did not wish to be named, said: ``Both a blue car and a rusty-red coloured car were smashed in the front.
A ubiquitous, finer-grained version of the same oxide gives Mars its rusty-red hue.
Red speckled chunky jumper with front pockets, pounds 65, by Nougat (0171 208 4300); Mongolian fake fur stole, pounds 95, from Fenwick (0171 629 9161); rusty-red mini-skirt, pounds 34, by Tattoo (0171 543 5050); black diamond knitted tights, pounds 9.
A bedbug is a small rusty-red or mahogany colored, oval-shaped insect that feeds on the blood of humans and animals.
They are very distinctive with a wingspan of five and a half feet and rusty-red forked tails, which they use like a rudder.
Experts say thick deposits of rusty-red sandstone, water-worn pebbles and shattered rock fragments are buried underneath the Coventry and Nuneaton areas.