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of something having the brown color of rust

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With the boar's rusty-brown coat so close, he looked for all the world like a quarter horse that should be carrying a saddle across his back.
Hymenium: Gills, adnate, close, broad, becoming rusty-brown as the spore mature.
Caps: Fan-shaped or semicircular in outline, 2-7 cm broad, 1-3 cm deep; surface: velvety at first, becoming rough and hairless with age; ochre to bright rusty-yellow when young, becoming dark rusty-brown with age, eventually turning black; margin: concolorous with the cap.
Peridium: Exo-peridium finely cracked forming small patches of minute granules on young specimens, absent on older specimens; endoperidum smooth, brown to dark rusty-brown.
It has a rusty-brown abdomen, bright-yellow stripes at the base of its wings, and a single black spot at the tip of each wing.
it leads eventually to liver disease, abnormalities in kidney functioning, basal ganglion (neurologic) disease, and a characteristic rusty-brown ring in the cornea of each eye known as the Kayser-Flelscher ring.