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Synonyms for rustproofed

treated against rusting


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If you're considering buying a new elk rifle, I'd look at stainless steel with a nonglare, matte finish; or, if you want a model not offered in stainless, I'd have the metalwork rustproofed with a nonreflective finish.
An extra-large removable rack was added; an improved control system has reduced drying time 14 percent; suspension and drive systems that are prone to wear got special attention; tiny beads of polypropylene were added to the drum composition for durability; the exterior was rustproofed, and the six-sided wrapper was enlarged.
One might also try cool tubes which are long, clay, plastic, or rustproofed metal pipes buried six to 12 feet underground.
This folding wheelbarrow is a godsend in smaller gardens, also being made of polypropylene and rustproofed steel it can be stored outside all year round.